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Hat Chat

Here is another regular strip idea.
It just started off with the notion of Le Plage's hat talking to him and giving him a hard time. It then developed into how he seeks a solution. I am aware that there is a bit of a jump from the inked bit to the drawn bit not just stylistically but in narrative as well.

The inked part is followed by a reworking in colour as a potential kids' story. It features Le Plage's son, George who is about 12.

I drew the second part roughly in pencil and liked that sketchy quality. So I didn't ink them in. I might polish them up in Photoshop.

In this I introduce the character of Dogman. He is found by Dogman and brought round. Dog man is an old wise man from Africa who has somehow escaped slavery. Maybe everybody found him too spooky to want him around. Maybe he has certain uses and maintains a kind of equilibrium in the community - Who knows? Anyway he has an affinity with dogs and one of his pups took a shin to Le Plage while he was recovering. That is how he acquired Plank.

Also I am working on making an animated version of this story. This is largely to ramp up my skills in various areas I feel need attention - like texturing (groan). I will up load various bits and bobs here as I do them.
Sequence of Hat Chat images
  Sequence of Hat Chat images
Sequence of Hat Chat images

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