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Gun Boat Diplomacy

Gun Boat Diplomacy is a self standing story although it follows from a story where Le Plage causes a naval frigate to sink by producing a full size american steam engine from his pocket. (This was the starting point for the animation 'Lunch time at the Locomotion'.
In Gun Boat Le Plage aquires a very large gun. In trying to find the ideal gun for the story I Goggled artillary images and found the ideal gun on a thread for the armed forces about what guns they carry. Some wag put up a picture of the monster in my story but no note of make or model. So if anybody out there knows what it is do let me know as I'd like to improve it. Help if I were to make a CG one too.
The story is largely about the difference in steriotypical male and female attitudes towards sex and guns.
All except preliminary planning drawings executed on Photoshop.
Gun Boat Diplomacy image 1

Gun Boat Diplomacy image 11

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