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Dogman saves the World

I produced a 5 page strip called Dogman saves the World in response to a call for submissions to a book called:s

...Sorry I can't take your call right now but I'm off saving the world...

It is an anthology of cartoon art for charity and further details can be found here. I am only showing two pages at present as a requirement of the submission is for it not to be published in it's entirity elsewhere. Aside from preliminary thinking sketches all the work was done on Photoshop.
Sequence of Hat Chat images Sequence of Hat Chat images

Spectoral Analysis

I was approached to produce artwork for a story called Spectoral Analysis for the Comics Creators Guild Annual. I was provided with an outline of the story and rough page break down but no dialogue. The idea is that the writer would construct that after I had furnished him with the artwork.

Again all work was done in Photoshop- even the preliminary sketches
  Magazines and Me
This isn't exactly for an anthology but for an exhibition. I received an email about an event called Between the Covers which is about Womens' magazines. It invited me to contibute in a number of ways to a particular part of the event including:

"3) Zinefest is part of a broader 'magazines' exhibition being held at the Women's Library in January (2009) called 'Between The Covers'. As part of the zine artwork exhibition, I invite you to submit a piece of original comics artwork - drawn especially for zinefest - on the theme of magazines and zines -- eg. a drawing or strip perhaps around a personal experience with a magazine/zine in some way (good, bad, funny, inspirational, etc. as a child/teen/adult etc.) This could even be a piece about an inspiring feminist magazine or zine you have read."

I thought it a wonderful opportunity to go into a rant about magazines but I feared spending a lot of time on it. At the time 24 hour comics day was about to happen and I decided that that would be a good perameter to keep to. OK I didn't do it in a single 24 hour hit but was dotted around over the course of a week or so while I wrangled with angst and other things. But I suppose the total amount of time spent was around 24 hours.

Because of this time constrant and the fact that I had various magazines and artifacts lying around I decided not to do too much drawing for this but employed the digital camera, the net and jump about in Photoshop. It is a bit of a departure for me. I display 4 of the 10 frames. They were designed to be an A5 zine and/ or for exhibition.

Again all work was done in Photoshop- even the preliminary sketches. The first two are the finished pages and the second two are without the text.

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