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The Three Crowns

Three Corwns pub
In the Killer Frock of Doom there is another pub called the Cheese and Bellows. What did this look like I asked myself? I pondered a few ideas and thought that it might be in the style of an 18th century Bristol pub with the distinctive trim around the top of the brick work. I retained this motive but applied it to a London pub I sighted on my travels. I was a van driver at the time and was leaving London via Old Street and was in a traffic queue waiting to turn right when I saw the Three Crowns.

I had no time to draw it and had no camera at the time and so just relied on memory. The thing that struck me was its narrowness. In the event I made my pub even narrower- perhaps as a contrast to the fat fussiness of the Gurkin Trifle.

Cheese and Bellows? Yes there is a story there too. A few years ago the BBC ran a short series on 18th century London low/alterative life. One of the programs was about the apparently lively same gender social scene. There were burlesques where cross dressers would enact things like giving birth to items like cheeses and bellows. So it seemed like an apt name for a cheerfully colourful pub.
Cheese and Bellows fictional pub

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