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Synopsis of Gurkin Trifle

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This probably falls under the boy meets girl category of story but I also like to think it is a fugitive odyssey where in running away from a danger the protagonist has to face himself and reappraise his abilities.

The story is set in a chronologically challenged 18th century Caribbean. The main protagonist, Septimus Le Plage, has fallen on bad and dangerous times following a game of Dangerous Liaisons. He styles himself a creative accountant and trader. Basically he is a fence on a small but lucrative island.

He fears for his life and with one of his associates (Vince - a sea captain - well pirate actually) who is also in the same danger go into hiding. They are concealed by Hilda and Harry who have very interesting and curious connections on an island where a cartoon series is being made. They are disguised as two of the main characters. Le Plage becomes the outrageously loud Captain Yarmouth.

Unfortunately Le Plage is rumbled by his persecutors who proceed to give him a hard time in lieu of killing him. Le Plage is temporarily immune to death as he has been bestowed with the cartoon character status of immortality. Eventually the foes deploy their ultimate weapon: the dastardly but drop dead delicious Captain Kat.

Le Plage desperately tries to resist the attraction as woman have always been a problem for him but is tortured by dreams and fantasies that even drink can't obliterate. Eventually his foes try to kill him but merely wound him though severally enough for him to have to recuperate else where. They go to Hilda and Harry's island only to find Captain Kat there.

There is a party and Kat over hears Le Plage recounting his version of the earlier event that had placed him in this predicament and realizes that he is innocent. A curious sequence of events occur that place Le Plage and Kat on their own in such a way that nature follows and they discover that they are perhaps a little more compatible in ways they'd have never imagined.

They compare notes, realize that they are basically on the same side and decide to unite forces to overcome their situations.

Yes the story does ramble a bit but it is full of stupid jokes.
The set up after this is that Le Plage returns to his home island. His name is cleared and he has made a small fortune being an ersatz cartoon pirate and he invests in the main hostelry, the Gurkin Trifle, as well as resuming his import export business. Here he carries out a lot of his business as well as posturing, performing and posing with his lady love because they are a couple of attention seeking kinksters.

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