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The Queens

Westcliff on Sea, Essex

How to style the ultimate den of debauchery? I wanted something 18th century or earlier that was elaborate and decadent but would not look out of place on a Caribbean quay. I played with a few ideas and surfed the net and various books but settled on what was looking at me all along. I picture I drew of a pub in my childhood town was displayed on my living room wall.

The Queens had fascinated me since I first set eyes on it I guess - when I was very young. I describe it as Victorian sea side Rococo Gothic. It was a camp cake of an edifice. I don't know of such a fine example of this style of building although there are some watered down ones dotted around Southend-on-Sea. It was just such an over the top building and I imagined that it could be the venue for all kinds of dubious carryings on. In my youth it used to host rock bands before attempting to be a smart show night venue which was when I drew it.

Unfortunately I understand it became beyond repair and was raised to the ground. Some uneventful and probably horrendously expensive flats have replaced it.

OK. It's not 18th century but with sailing ship style balconies and its mock Tudor panelling I thought it might work. It became redolent of the Liberty's building of Regent Street, London, or even galleried inns like the George in Borough High Street in reverse.

Curiously, I trawled the net for images of the Queens but to no avail. So this might be the only image of it on the web and before anybody says that it didn't have a lamp post like that in front of it I say OK - That's just my solution to lens flair!
The Queens

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