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Profiles of Dramatis Personae

Le Plage Roots images
Septimus Le Plage is not exactly eye candy. He is short, fat and balding. But what he lacks in looks he makes up for in imagination, a sharp mathematical mind, deviousness, resourcefulness and amazing stamina and one or two other things Kat could mention. He runs an import expot business and is a creative accountant. He is basically a fence. He would like to see himself as John Steed of the Avengers but he is more George Melly meets Arthur Daley played by Danny DeVito.
Kat 2 image Captain Kat
Feisty, sumptuous, temptress. Pirate Queen. The ultimate prize. Let Le Plage's first sighting of her paint the picture. Holds Le Plage in complete contempt until circumstances change things.
Kat Roots image
Hilda image Hilda
An apothecary of outstanding skill and astuteness. It doesn't do to cross Hilda. Lead resident on the island of St. Lucifer.
Hild Concoctions image
Harry image Harry
Hilda's main partner. A cunning joker and trickster and an expert philanderer.
Le Plage's main trading partner. A sea captain. A pirate. Build like brick out house he could pass as a adult movie* star or cheerful* icon.
Vince image
Ellington image The Duke of Ellington
The long suffering man servant to the governor of the cartoon island of St Ludecriox who also serves as the overseer of the performers in the show and tries to keep Le Plage in line. I did base him loosely on Duke Ellington and he relaxes by playing jazz piano. Le Plage calls him by every man servant name in fiction that he knows of.
Ellington and Piano image
Lady Georgina Snake
A devious little sluttlette
Georgina image
A dog (biscuit hound)
Plank image
A cat (hooligan)
Giblet image

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