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The Clapman Grand


I couple of months ago I was planning on drawing the inside of the Gurkin Trifle. Maybe a cut away picture like a Steven Biesty picture showing all sorts of debauchery going on. I was wondering how to do this when I attended an event at Clapham Grand. For some reason I was expecting the Grand to be a pub but no. I glanced around and realized that I was in what was probably an old Victorian music hall with a vaguely oriental theme. The boxes had dragon heads in relief with eyes that glow on them.

I spent much of my time drawing the décor and then spent the next week giving myself RSI having fun on the Wacom tablet producing the item in the limited access area and from that I extrapolated the picture on the home page.

From the out side the Grand is not obviously remarkable or over the top but is interesting because it looks like a Victorian take on Roman architecture with those sets of three arches. I made my picture from a photo taken by Miss Simone.

Maybe I will still do the cut away idea.
The Clapham Grand images

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