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Cheese and Bellows in XSI

This is what I have been working on since leaving Bournemouth. The objective of the project is not so much about peddling my own ideas and characters but to ramp up and hone the skills learnt at the NCCA while I look for work and contend with a spot of ill health. The mysteries of XSI are gradually being demystified.

Here are a number of stills of work in progress showing modelling, texturing and some not so good lighting! There are still mysteries there for me. Still haven't worked out how to get things vibrant without them becoming washed out.

Texturing is becoming much less of a mystery though making the surfaces lumpy in any way still is. I now find myself taking photos of walls and pavements and the sky out side the hospital where I was incarcerated.

Shown are modelling and texturing of the Cheese and Bellows pub as well as original drawing, Le Plage in his daft hat and Plank the dog. There are also some techy pics of the texturing process and modelling.

I eventually produced a show reel using a fragile editing package that eventually kept crashing. So no fades, sounds and various fancy techy shots I wanted to include.






Bits of flattened pub: What one has to do to put texture on a virtual structure. First one flattens out the polygons it is made up of which is a right old palaver but I've started to get the hang of it.

Then one pastes, paints, draws texture onto the grid in Photoshop and hey presto.


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