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Show Reel
A quick over view of my years work at Bournemouth. This illustrated and labels the skilled I acquired during that time.

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Lunch Time Special at the Locomotion
This was my final project focusing on story telling and animation. I did enjoy constructing the character, the engine and the scenery as well. I employed a mixture of styles and techniques here from flat pen and ink style drawing (albeit all done in Photoshop) to using fabrics scanned in for textures.

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Locomotive at the Locomotion
A turntable of the train. It had to be done! Aside from steam engines needing to be turned on turntables it didn't really appear in its full glory in the main project. So here it is.

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Bike in a Day
I had a day left before hand in and was that exhausted with the project I feared that I might just mess it up. What to do? I had wanted to build a virtual motorbike at some point and was planning one but didn't have the time to properly design one. I decided to pull on an old project from my first degree where I had constructed several from felt. The virtual bike was build purely from memory and knowledge within the day. Some difference from the 7 weeks the felt jobs took!

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