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Aside from the fact that I live in London with a number of cats, motorbikes, my son and his girlfriend let's cut to the chase.

At the end of 2013 I completed illustrating a story for a World War 1 anthology called To End All Wars details of which can be found here.

Here is what has been said about it:

With a big sigh of relief, we have taken delivery of our first completed comic story! Lotte Gr√ľnseid's somewhat quirky chronicle of the various permutations on The Legend of the Leaning Virgin of the Picardy town of Albert has been beautifully brought to life by Jenny Linn-Cole. Her loose and fluid drawings of the town and principal characters have been nicely parried by a full tonal treatment of the eponymous statue that we originally doubted would work, but plainly excels in the context. Would that we had gold in our palette for the inside pages to really do her work justice.

August 2014 and To End All Wars is launched with huge sighs of relief and celebration all round!
You Tube presentation here.

Before that I've been working on a graphic novel called Shallowater. It has evolved rather than been planned. I started it in 2006 as a throw away lark of 5 pages but bits got added that raised questions I couldn't answer at the time. I was studying for an MA and I also thought that it was either silly or daunting.

Then provoked by Laydeez do Comics and WIP comics I picked it up 5 years later and eventually got to the end. As I say it progressed more or less linearly, writing a bit then drawing it up and then asking, "What happens now?" , "How would they cope with that?", etc. Over the duration various thought provoking or handy bits of information came my way via friends, articles, TV etc that helped with the story. Various current affairs also influenced it and it seemed to make some kind of sense.

The story is set in and references our world but is a complete fantasy. The main protagonist is a cyber detective working for an American agency possibly CIA. He is seconded to London where a bit of banter sets him on a trail of putting a few curious coincidences together which then leads him to contemplate some serious big issues. This along with some suppressed emotions erupt in a way that he cannot ignore. Yes it gets fantastical but this is where the meduim of the graphic novel can explore and depict the human condition in the way it is FELT rather than it actually phisically is.

Thing is, I shoved it down very quickly. It is legible but could do with an amount of tidying up, sorting out the odd continuity glitch and, perhaps, some colour work.

Here it is in prototype form. The first 2 chapters were produced in 2006 before I had acquired sufficient computer skills to work directly into the computer and are so in lovely brush and ink. The rest is when I had and acquired a Wacom tablet.
Find Shallowater here.
You are welcome to comment/ give feed back via the contact point at the bottom of the page. But nothing untoward please unless it's wonderfully witty or I'll furrow my brow at you!
An overview of various styles are in Portfolio.
There is an animation section featuring work from the MA Computer animation course at Bournemouth University. Also there are two short show reels; one that does feature my weekend pirate, Septimus Le Plage and the other an Emett tram.
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